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About Biz Owner Advisors and Jim Stauder,
A St. Louis Business Broker

Jim Stauder, CPA (inactive) is the President of Biz Owner Advisors, LLC. He has been providing business brokerage services in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, including Metro East, since 2001.

Jim Stauder is also the author and founder of the How To Plan and Sell a Business website containing 90 articles on topics related to selling a business.

St. Louis Business Broker Jim Stauder of Biz Owner Advisors

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Business Owners, we want to help you:

Plan Your Business Exit

We are interested in long-term relationships with St. Louis business owners.  Many businesses have significant obstacles to a successful sale.  We provide a No Charge, No Obligation Business Evaluation for business owners to determine the obstacles they face in selling their business, as well as opportunities to increase the valuation of the business.  To learn more about our free evaluations, click this link No Charge, No Obligation Business Evaluation.

Value Your Business

St. Louis Business Broker Jim Stauder of Biz Owner Advisors The first step in preparing to sell your St. Louis business is to understand the current valuation of the business.  Just as important is understanding how and why the business value is determined so you can adjust your actions accordingly. Learn more about our No Charge, No Obligation Business Evaluation which includes a Broker’s Opinion of Value

Sell Your Business

Selling your business is a one-time event which will probably be the largest business transaction you ever encounter. To assure a successful sale, you need a St. Louis business broker with experience and expertise. The foundation of our success is knowledge, integrity, confidentiality and dedication. To learn more about how we can help you sell your St. Louis area business, click this link: Sell Your Business.

Why You Should Choose Biz Owner Advisors, LLC

We Help You Set Realistic Expectations

In business brokerage, experience counts. You need to work with a St. Louis business broker who has been through the trenches and seen it all.  At Biz Owner Advisors, LLC you work directly with the Principal of the firm. We are in business brokerage for the long term. Therefore, our complimentary business evaluation educates business owners about the exit planning process as well as the actual business sale process. After receiving the benefits of our No Charge, No Obligation Business Evaluation, you will know:

  1. the value of the business;
  2. how the value was derived; and
  3. the obstacles you face to a successful sale.

A great majority of businesses are not immediately saleable. Understanding how and why your business is valued and identifying the obstacles you face in selling your business is a great first step on the road to success. And we will provide that information to you at no charge with a lot of straight talk so you fully understand your situation. You should always avoid brokers who tell you what you want to hear. Instead, you need an honest assessment (based on years of experience) so you can make the best decisions about the options for your personal circumstances.

We Confidentially Sell the Business

Again, experience counts. For many owners, the business is their most significant and valuable asset. This is not a process you want to delegate to someone who is still learning the ropes. At Biz Owner Advisors, LLC you work directly with the Principal of the St. Louis business brokerage firm. Although a business sale is never easy, it can be extremely painful if handled inappropriately. You need a broker who:

  1. understands financial aspects of business;
  2. understands the importance of confidentiality;
  3. understands how to price, present, market and defend your business;
  4. understands buyer motivations and behaviors;
  5. qualifies buyers to eliminate the abundance of tire-kickers;
  6. anticipates and resolves problems and prepares you for the scrutiny of the due diligence process;
  7. provides sound advice during the negotiation process;
  8. coordinates all aspects of the closing process;
  9. reduces your involvement (to the extent possible);
  10. minimizes seller financing by educating and helping buyers through the financing process.

We Minimize the Need for Seller Financing

Surprise! Experience counts – again!  Let us tweak Mark Twain’s famous saying a bit: “The reports of the demise of SBA financing have been greatly exaggerated.” To the contrary, for many business sale transactions, SBA financing is available. At Biz Owner Advisors, LLC you work directly with the Principal of the firm, an expert in helping business owners minimize the need for seller financing by helping buyers through the SBA loan process.

Biz Owner Advisors, LLC has developed the knowledge, expertise and methodology to work with SBA preferred lenders to streamline the timeframe required for buyers to obtain SBA financing for a business acquisition. We maintain relationships with the top SBA lenders and understand the information required to enable a fast approval (or rejection).  In accordance with SBA policies and procedures, SBA-preferred lenders make their own credit decisions and those decisions can be made quickly once the lender has all the necessary information. With our knowledge of the required information and the lenders’ credit policies and procedures, we help streamline the entire process with a goal of minimizing seller financing. However, due to obstacles in the business itself, some businesses may require partial seller financing, even in conjunction with SBA financing.

How to Plan and Sell a Business

Jim is the founder and author of the
How to Plan and Sell a Business website
and its 90-issue email newsletter
titled “How to Sell A Business”

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