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Excerpts from Bill Lester’s (Seller) Testimonial Letter

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“I was especially pleased with the quality of the marketing package you prepared and the prescreening of buyers.  I always felt I was meeting with buyers who were well informed of the many aspects of my company, who asked intelligent questions, who seemed capable of successfully running a business, and who seemed financially qualified to make the acquisition.”

“Your help and patience as an intermediary was invaluable, as we did much better than I ever anticipated in the negotiations.”

“I really wanted to avoid any owner financing and was able to do so only as a result of your persistence in the financing stage.”

“Thanks for a job very well done.  As a result of your professionalism in all aspects, I would highly recommend your services.”

Bill Lester (Former Owner of ASI Sign Systems)



Excerpts from Dave and Lois Thompson (Seller) Testimonial Letter

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“We interviewed several companies and all except yours wanted guaranteed monthly advertising allotments and various other upfront charges. We were amazed when you told us that you would look at our business, evaluate it and charge us only when you sold it.”

“Just wanted you to know how much Lois and I appreciated everything you did for us. If you run across someone else wanting to sell their business, and they have any doubts about having you be their broker. Let them read this letter,  then have them call us.”

Dave and Lois Thompson (Former Owners of Dalo Glass Tinting)



Excerpts from Jeff Hackman (Seller) Testimonial Letter

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“Through the entire process Jim was very professional and thorough. He kept everyone focused and on track and made a complicated process go smoothly. Jim’s advice was accurate and helpful throughout the entire process (and helped save money). He did everything he could to help minimize my time spent on the sale, as I was still tied down running the business. He stayed in contact with all involved and minimized or eliminated issues early on before they became insurmountable obstacles – helping to ensure a certain dosing.”

Jeff Hackman (Former Owner of Classic Metal Craft, Inc.)



Excerpts from William L. Wagner (Seller) Testimonial Letter

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“We have wanted to sell our company for several years now and with your assistance and knowledge we were able to sell for what we consider to be a premium price. … lf you asked me five years ago if I thought we could sell GCS for the amount you negotiated in the transaction l would have never believed you.”

“Overall, both Kevin and I were very pleased with the entire process. Thanks again for allowing both of us to reach our financial goals, especially allowing me to retire early.”

William L. Wagner (Former Owner of General Construction Services, Inc.)



Excerpts from Mel Niebrugge (Buyer) Testimonial Letter

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“Without Jim’s coordination of the sellers, the buyers, the SBA, the seller’s attorneys, the buyer’s attorney, the surveyor, the environmental associate, MEECO’s CPA, the building appraiser, and the bankers I do not think we would have ever accomplished this purchase. Jim kept us all informed of what was going on and what needed to be done. Jim kept up with all the changes needed in the purchase agreement.”

“We hope Jim is still doing this work when it is our turn to sell.”

Mel Niebruegge (Current Owner of  Meeco, LLC)



Excerpts from Harvey Pines (Attorney) Testimonial Letter

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“You have a great talent in difficult negotiations of keeping lines of communication open between the buyer and seller which, time and time again, has been instrumental in helping the parties arrive at a fair agreement and one which they can live with after closing.”

“Your financial background, your knowledge of business coupled with your ability to speak the language of accountants and attorneys helps make the entire process less adversarial and more collaborative thus enhancing the likelihood of a successful closing.”

Harvey Pines (The Pines Law Firm, LLC)